PVC profile extrusion: CM Plast's machining processes

CM Plast specialises in the extrusion of PVC profiles. We carry out any type of mechanical processing on the profiles, such as: cutting, drilling, milling of certain parts of the profile, making pockets and trimming. All machining operations are carried out using numerical control machines that can be programmed directly from the office and are equipped with automatic tool changers; these machines allow us to reduce both work execution times and tooling times. We also carry out hot processing of plastic materials such as welding, both with hot plates and with fillets, bending and shaping of tubes and profiles.

Main advantages:

  • Exact repeatability of machining.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Execution of complex machining operations even on small batches.
  • Reduction of stocks.
  • Optimisation of delivery and customised packaging.