CM Plast, leader among plastics companies

CM Plast is a plastics company that was set up to continue and expand the activity carried out by Ciemme Plast, with the aim of increasing its presence in the market for technical profiles in the sectors in which it is already present, but at the same time to start production in new sectors as well.

High speed and high product quality

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Up to 3 days to process your order
up to 8.25 m/min
extruded profile
3.25 m/min average speed
of extruded profile
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million kg processed in 2017
with 6 production lines


Our mission is all-round customer satisfaction: we do not just supply a product, but a service that satisfies you in every way. Right from the start, we have decided to focus on integral design: we plan in detail all aspects of the entire production cycle for thermoplastic profiles and machining of metal profiles.



Extrusion dies


Existing lines
Plant yield


Plants, extruded up to three different materials


Our goal is to put at your service the experience of our staff, gained over more than a decade of successful partnerships. From the outset, we understood that our sector would require continuous innovation, both in terms of machinery as well as constant updating by our highly specialised staff.
CM Plast is synonymous with quality in the design and extrusion of technical profiles in thermoplastic materials: our skills and knowledge are completely at your service and continuous training allows us to always be at the forefront in our sector.
Our organisation is based on lean management, which enables us to achieve continuous improvement at all levels: staff training, production results and therefore customer satisfaction. The production processes are standardised and the results are continuously evaluated: this allows us to intervene promptly to resolve any problems.