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PVC price trend 2021 and beyond

We have received from one of our suppliers and we publish this article.
The image shows the analysis, carried out by the company ICIS, specialised in the study of thermoplastic material prices, of the PVC resin price trend from January to May 2021 and the price forecast for the following eighteen months.
The historical price shows that the current price has increased by double the price of the resin in September/October 2020; this increase on the resin has also been confirmed by the trend in the price of granules, which are subject to increases every month by manufacturers.
As regards the analysis of the forecast for the future, we highlight two aspects: in July 2021 the price is expected to peak, followed by a reduction in the price and then a phase of stability throughout 2022.
Commenting on this data we point out that we do not believe that the price reduction can be so rapid because the lack of resin in June 2021 is very heavy and we believe that only in the last quarter of 2021 the price of granules will start to decrease, however we point out that the expected stability of the price of resin will be at a price 50-60% higher than the price of October 2020.